What kind of cars do you use?
We use Nissan Versas.  They are comfortable, easy to drive and have fantastic visibility that is essential in seeing and building confidence. They are easy to back in and peppy enough for highway driving. A poll that we did long ago told us that new drivers, especially teens, do not like advertising on training vehicles. Other than the state mandated Student Driver plates, there is no writing on our cars.

Nationwide Driving School car

When is the soonest that I can start to drive?
Students may make a road appointment the same day they start the class.

Can I make payments or is the whole amount due upon signing up?  Students may pay the entire amount upon enrollment OR give a down payment of $350. They are then free to go on the road. Nationwide has always allowed students to drive, regardless of what is paid upon enrollment.

Are road lessons private? 
Yes, with one small stipulation. In order to save time and better accommodate students during busy seasons, we do what is known as “piggybacking”. Simply put, when a student is finishing his or her lesson, they will drive to the following student’s place of pickup, then that student will take them home. This works in a small town like West Hartford because the vast majority of students live in a close proximity to one another. The student driver is under the direct supervision of the instructor at all times. This allows us to save the parents money as we don’t have to charge for wasted time between lessons. We have been doing this successfully for 50 years. It works.

Can I go out for less than 2 hours?
Yes, we offer 1, 1.5, or 2 hour road lessons. The reason for the various lesson lengths is to better accommodate the individual student’s needs. A very inexperienced, novice driver does a lot better going for an hour at a time in the beginning. It can be stressful. Of course, predicated on the student’s experience, skill level, and time constraints a 1.5 or 2 hour lesson is fine. Because all students are different, they all vary in how they learn and progress, thus the difference in the length of lessons that we offer.

Do I have to have my permit with me when I drive?
Yes, always. It is state law – you NEED your permit with you when you drive.

Is license testing at Nationwide easier than going to the DMV?
Yes, definitely.  The reason for that is the student will be testing in West Hartford on familiar ground on a dual-controlled car.  This allows the DMV inspector to be more relaxed because he has access to a brake that he would not have using the parent’s car.  Testing with us has always been optional.

It would be impossible to list and answer every question that a student or parent may wish to ask. In order to make the experience more palatable, the student will be given the school rules and regulations pertaining to every phase of the process. Some of these documents appear on this website to further make things easier and clearer to understand. The state of Connecticut rules prohibit a driving school from guaranteeing passage of a driving test. The vast majority of our students do pass on the first try. If a student does not pass, they will be allowed to test with Nationwide again at a reduced rate.