Helpful Tips

Practice as often as you can.  Nobody learns to drive in only 8 hours!  The state of Connecticut requires that a student have at least 40 hours of actual road experience before applying for a license.  Make sure that you are ready.

Parents: Please be as patient as you can with your child.  It’s not easy not having access to the brake.  We ask that students be aware of that fact. 
Students: Try not to get upset when parents correct you.  Learning to drive is a “work in progress”.  It takes patience on both sides!

Practice the “boring” things like backing up.  Students tend to just want to drive and not spend time in a parking lot doing slow maneuvers, such as backing in.

Please make sure your phone mailbox is set up to receive voice mail.  We always confirm lessons and places of pickup in advance, and are too often told that the mail box is not set up or is full.