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Each course consists (15) 2-hour classes and each class is numbered. We start a new class session every 3 1/2 weeks. Students may begin on any class. All classes MUST be completed in order to receive a certificate. There are always 2 calendars posted – one for the current month and one for the upcoming month. Any student needing to make up a class need only look at the calendar and find out when it will be repeated. The class rotation starts every 3 1/2 weeks. The course is designed for easy access and the student is in full control.

The online course differs a bit from the actual in class experience. There are certain things that must be done.

  1. Students must download ZOOM in order to partake in the class.
  2. Students must have a pencil and paper during the class, because a 5 question quiz will be given at the end.
    They will write the answers to the quiz on that paper, and then they must affix the DATE and CLASS number.
    A parent must sign the paper, and the student puts it in a safe place. When a student has gone to the entire number of state required classes, they must present it to the school, where it can be verified.
  3. IMPORTANT! Please don’t lose your class papers. This is the ONLY way that we can assure the state that these classes were attended. If a student cannot verify a class, they must take that particular class again. There will be no charge.
  4. Please keep the microphone on your device MUTED until you need to ask questions to prevent feedback.
  5. Students will be E-MAILED a coded invitation to their zoom accounts about 15 or so minutes PRIOR to the start of class. Please be punctual. Once class begins, no one will be admitted. Some students that are joining the online program have already attended a certain number of classes PRIOR to the implementation of this course. Those students need only complete the classes that they did NOT attend at the school. We have a record of their attendance, so please call the school to see what classes are needed. There are always 2 calendars up on the site. The class numbers are under the dates. If a student does not need a class, they need not reply to the invitation. We might add classes if the need arises.
  6. We are limited to 40 students per class. When the state allows us to continue road lessons, we will take students driving in the order that they started. That is the only fair way. This is the best solution that is available until hopefully, things change.